Why Bill Smith?

Bill Smith and his wife Mary are born and raised Calgarians with four grown children. Bill operates a boutique law practice called Legal Innovations, which simplifies basic consumer legal needs like wills and house purchases at an affordable price.

Bill learned the basics of team building and leadership on the football field while earning his Physical Education degree at the University of Calgary. Prior to law school Bill served as a Calgary Firefighter where he was given the nickname “Rolly” – a distinction he earned in his rookie year for rolling a fire truck while on the way to a call.

He entered law school while serving as a firefighter and supporting a growing family. In 2004, Bill was called to the bar and transitioned into the role of lawyer and small business owner.

Bill has volunteered with his community association, coached youth hockey and football, been a 20-year volunteer in provincial politics, and served on the boards of the University of Calgary, Special Olympics, and Calgary Counselling Centre.

Of all of these roles, Bill is proudest of being a husband to Mary, and father to Connor, Liam, Logan, Alison. He is also very fond of their rescue dog, Chance




Respect begins at the top. I will work to create a team-focused environment at City Hall. A culture that establishes clear and meaningful priorities which has genuine respect for the community feedback process.

And the city must keep its word. We will not abandon the residents of Midfield Park. The city promised them an alternative location. That is what they shall have.

An efficient city council needs to encourage the economy, not interfere with business. City bureaucracy and red tape needs to make way for responsible leadership to foster a strong economy.

I will streamline regulations to guarantee response time for development applications. It takes too long for projects to get approved. We need to attract businesses to Calgary.

That is what an efficient city council can do to encourage the economy.


Effective leadership has been absent at City Hall. Council operations have degenerated to a point where new positions have been created that provide no direct value to Calgarians. For example, the first ethics advisor and an integrity commissioner were hired in 2016 because council was unable to govern itself in a professional, ethical manner. A 2017 City Clerks’ report even proposed to pay $170 thousand dollars a year for someone to run their meetings, which makes no sense.

This demonstrates zero comprehension of Calgary’s economic reality. Our city is in the third year of a recession. Tens of thousands have lost their jobs and many more have had their salaries slashed.

City Hall’s response is a 51% tax hike for residents and 70% tax hike for business.

The City needs to cut unnecessary spending, rein in rampant tax increases, streamline operations, maximize efficiencies and stop paying millions of dollars to consultants for more studies.

It’s time for a common sense approach.


I have the greatest respect for the first responders that serve our city. These are the brave men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis to make our community safe for the rest of us.

In recent years we’ve seen crime dramatically increase on our streets, in our homes and on our public transit system. The recent city budget called for hiring 15 new people. Were they police officers? No, they were communications bureaucrats.

Everyone has a role to play in making our city safe, but it starts with the Mayor and City Council. We must ensure that there are adequate and efficiently deployed resources for Police and Fire