Ward 14: Peter Demong

With 18 years as a business owner, and 25 years in the field of Logistics Management under his belt, Peter brings a successful business background to Council, offering the ability to manage budgets and understand the needs of small and large businesses alike. His experience speaks to his practical views on civic matters, his knack for effective management, and his commitment to fiscal responsibility. Along with his compassion and sense of fairness, Peter’s voice on Calgary City Council is one of common sense and realism.

First elected for Ward 14 in October of 2010, Peter Demong is presently serving his second term as Calgary City Councillor. He has lived in Lake Bonavista, Queensland, Deer Run, Midnapore, and currently lives with his wife and family in Legacy. He and his wife owned and operated Deer Valley Florist in Deer Run from 1996 to 2015.

Election Platform

Calgary is a fantastic place to live, and Ward 14 is the envy of the entire city. If elected, my goal will be to make sure it stays that way by keeping City Hall out of your wallet, and making sure the money it does take goes to benefit Ward 14. I will remember my small business roots, and the pain of sending my hard earned money to the government. I will never forget that you‐‐the taxpayer‐‐are my boss.

I will continue to search for every efficiency, and cost‐cutting measure within the City’s budget, and I will not support any budget that does not strive for savings. Zero‐based reviews and the “Cut the Red Tape” Committee‐‐both of which I have been heavily involved in‐‐have each already saved tens of millions, and my budget savings account has saved over $100 million, and counting. Public art is a want, not a need which is why I proposed to cut it. There are many ways that I have saved money, but there are many more that we need to find. I urge you to visit www.peterdemong.ca your‐money for examples of how I am looking out for your wallet.

I will continue to remember where I came from, and who I work for. I have always used my monthly Counciltalk meetings, and my annual BBQ as ways to keep in touch with the people in Ward 14. I try to poll my constituents whenever possible, and make a point to knock on doors regularly. I will never stop seeking out the out the opinions of my constituents, and I will never hide behind the walls of City Hall. I urge you to visit www.peterdemong.ca/your‐community, and www.peterdemong.ca/your‐voice for examples of how I am making Ward 14, and its people, my top priority.

When I was first elected in 2010 I ran as a business owner fed up with City Hall, its endless tax increases, and lack of accountability. Since then I have made it my mission to remain true to those roots. If elected, I will continue to do exactly that! I am the employee, you are my employer, and you know best how to spend your own money.