Ward 1: Ward Sutherland

Ward has lived in Calgary for over 50 years, and has resided with his wife, two daughters and dogs in Ward 1 for over 20 years. Prior to being elected, he engaged with Ward 1 through sports as a coach, business as a senior manager, and community as the past president of the Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association.

Ward brings to City Council a fiscally accountable approach to spending. As Vice Chair of Priorities and Finance, his main areas of focus include the financial management of the City and reducing property taxes. He has driven the improved process of zero base department budget reviews to include the pure cost of delivering services. As a strong believer in accountability, he communicates to constituents with monthly detailed newsletters and a yearly report of outcomes.

Before becoming a Councillor, Ward was an advocate for an urban drilling policy, innovative seniors’ programs, traffic calming measures and preservation of wetlands and parks. He worked as a senior leader at Sony, Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s and Hartco Corporation and received several awards for excelling in the business sector, where he had a consistently positive record in the management of multi‐million‐dollar financial budgets.

As the current Councillor for Ward 1, Ward has attended over 1,000 community events, answered over 50,000 emails from constituents, attended almost 150 council meetings, and been a part of almost 1,250 committee and community meetings

Election Platform

Every community has unique needs and important priorities. Ward prides himself in working closely with all communities in Ward 1 to ensure he understands their issues and can advocate for them most effectively.

Lowering taxes, traffic safety, community infrastructure, and seamless school drop-offs and pick-ups are all key issues. Ward focuses on four key values and applies this thinking to all community problems that he works to solve: Accountable Leadership, Common Sense, Lowering Taxes, and being Community Driven.

Accountable Leadership

Accountability and Leadership are two of Ward’s personal “musts” to consistently achieve positive results. Ward’s skills and experience have enabled him to “get into the weeds” of financial reporting, and has resulted in his leadership around the City’s move to zero-base budget reviews; this has resulted in significant savings for the tax payer.

Common Sense

Common sense seems obvious, but it takes a true leader and community advocate to step back and advocate for practical policies that work for Calgary’s modern families. As the father of two girls, a husband, and a son Ward understands the commitments the average Calgarian has to juggle to ensure their families are provided for, safe, and have all the opportunities to succeed.

Lowering Taxes

Ward has been a strong advocate for lowering taxes and unnecessary burdens on all Calgarians. Fiscal prudence starts with the individual and Ward is committed to continuing to be a strong voice for ensuring more of your hard-earned dollars stay in your pocket – where they belong.

Community Driven

Crime reduction, increased traffic safety and calmness measures, upgraded infrastructure, access in times of emergency, and advocating for individual communities at the provincial level are all ways Ward has shown he is passionate about representing each community. As a past president of his local community association he has become a skilled advocate for community issues. His commitment to supporting the communities and residents of Ward 1 has never wavered; he has attended 1,046 (and counting) community events and meetings during his first term as Councillor.

Ward’s approach has been successful during his first term as Ward 1 Councillor. His passion, dedication, and hard work have led to several achievements, including:

o Upgraded roads, sidewalks, community buildings, pathways and parks

o Traffic calming measures, improved access, and increased safety on our Ward 1 roads

o Recreational facilities including the Bowness Park splash park, Silver Springs outdoor pool, Shouldice Athletic Park, and the Shane Homes rec centre

Ward 1 residents need a representative that will continue to advocate for their best interests. There are many projects on the go and Ward has the experience, leadership, and results-based attitude to ensure projects are completed and constituents’ voices are heard.