Ward 3: Jun Lin

My wife Hang Jing and I have been proudly raising our three daughters in Panorama Hills since 2010.

Family is very important to me, and I also greatly enjoy volunteering within the community.

After immigrating to Canada in 2002, I moved Montreal where I achieved my MBA in Finance from Concordia University. Shortly after graduation I moved to Calgary to work for the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission. In my role there, I am dedicated to improving market access for Alberta’s Petroleum Products and assisting with development of value added activity in Alberta’s petroleum sector.

My family and I greatly enjoy living in Calgary, and plan to stay here for many years to come. For this reason, I want to do whatever I can to improve our communities and ensure we have a strong voice at City Hall.

Election Platform


I will work for you not the other way around. At a time when so many of our friends and neighbours are suffering from job loss, city hall needs to bring back fiscal discipline and ensure its priority is making Calgary the best place in Canada to do business. Instead they focus on vanity projects and forcing densification plans into our communities. Do you find this as frustrating as I do?


It is not acceptable to be bribed with our own money. I greatly value city services but we must live within our means. City council can no longer balance their books on massive year over year tax hikes that exceed inflation. I will hold city hall accountable on taxation and spending, while ensuring Ward 3 gets its fair share of city services.


Our current infrastructure is already stretched and strained to service our booming population. Adding to this pressure, new neighbourhoods are being built north of Stoney Trail without additional services like recreation and schools. I will fight to protect our existing recreational facilities, and to ensure that our current green spaces are protected. Further I strongly believe that our ward must get priority for the new Green Line LRT. I will fight to ensure we get no half measures on transit.


City Council’s decision to terminate the first phase of the Green Line LRT at 16th Avenue is slap in the face to the residents of Ward 3. The Harvest Hills/Centre Street corridor is the busiest bus corridor in the city. In other words, the ridership numbers support building the green line North before anywhere else. Ward 3 deserves access to the kind of high quality, high efficiency transit that LRT provides…and NOW, not 20 years from now. As your councilor, I will fight to get the transit we deserve.