Ward 4: Sean Chu

Sean Chu arrived to Calgary from Taiwan in 1985 speaking not a word of English, and within 7 years he was a sworn officer with the Calgary Police Service. From that point on Sean worked with the Calgary Police Service as on Officer for 21 years in a number of roles.

Sean took an extensive role in contributing to his community by working with many boards, and associations in an effort to be a bridge‐builder for the many groups, such as: Being a member of Wildrose Lions Club; Member of the Sien Lok Society; Advisor to the Calgary Chinese Merchant Association; Director of the Federation of Calgary Communities; Director for the Foundations for the Future Charter Academy; and has been on a number of Federal Political Boards.

For his community work over the years, Sean has been awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal; The Alberta Centennial Medal; Calgary Police Service Distinguished Service Medal; and Calgary Police – 20 years Service Medal.

Sean was elected for the first time in 2013 as the Councillor for Ward 4. Sean has two daughters, Jasmine and Sienna. Sean lives in the Ward 4 community of Sandstone.

Election Platform

When I was elected in 2013, I had a clear set of priorities:

Better public transit for my Ward, given the challenges we face on Centre Street; making our streets safer for pedestrians and commutes better on our way home; and to bring fiscal accountability and common sense in spending decisions to City Hall. My focus has been these issues, and I want to continue the work that I have started with your help. Our Ward is a developed part of the City and as such we have challenges in improving our transit routes, renovating our community hubs, and ensuring that your property taxes are used properly for infrastructure. Needs vs. wants has always been my mantra.

My largest focus during my first term was on the Green Line, and I succeeded in bringing what was only a line on a map, to construction starting in 2020. We were all disappointed by the City’s news that it would be phased. Nowhere in the reports and countless meetings I had, did the City say this would be the case. I fought for funding for the Green Line for a full 45km track, and will continue this fight if reelected. I have pushed the City to find savings so that we can build it north, and we have done that, so much that we could build it to 40th Avenue, two stops north of 16th Avenue.

Second, I have also been the fiscal hawk at City Hall and have continuously pressured City Administration to find savings, review City programs, find innovative solutions to cut costs, and always asked my colleagues when we review budgets and spending to ask if this a need or a want. I will remain the defender of your tax dollars. I will continue to push for the City to keep reviewing all department budgets, and promote a culture of innovation in City staff to find ways to cut costs, in order to provide faster and more efficient services. I am also proposing a panel of small business owners and City administration to find ways to help businesses succeed, rather than be a hindrance to success. If small businesses succeed, our City does also.

Finally, I have focused on practical traffic and pedestrian safety measures that make a difference to you and your family. I have pushed hard for repainting our crosswalks, and installing flashing pedestrian crosswalk signs, speed flashing signals, reflective tape on stop signs, in order to help decrease accidents and make it safer for our kids. I have also worked to make changes to major intersections to make traffic flow safer in rush hour, with more turn lights, and redesigned intersections.

Better transit for our Ward, fiscal discipline, safety – these have been my areas of focus since 2013, and will continue to be my focus if I earn your support again on October 16th. I have been open, and transparent, and have always treated your tax dollars with respect. With your trust, I hope to continue the work I have started.