Ward 7: Margot Aftergood

‐ Margot is married, lives in Rosedale and is a longtime resident of Ward 7. It’s where her three children were raised and completed their elementary, junior and senior high school education in the communities of Rosedale, Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant and Crescent Heights.

‐ She’s been an executive member on the Board of the Calgary Presbyterial United Church for over 10 years and is past president of the Calgary Women’s Presbyterial. She is also an active member of the Kensington Commons Church, in West Hillhurst

‐ She is a volunteer Board member of Oi Kwan Foundation, which runs a provincially subsidized Chinese Senior Citizens residence in Chinatown.

‐ Margot is a long standing Board member of the St. Andrew‐Caledonian Scottish Society, Calgary’s oldest non‐profit society founded in 1884.

‐ Annually for the past 11 years, she has organized the Burns dinner for the homeless at the Calgary Drop In & Rehab Centre, providing a full program of Scottish entertainment while serving over 900 meals.

‐ Margot is a licensed insurance broker working as a Business Development manager, Commercial Division for Lundgren & Young Ltd.

‐ She obtained a degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Mount Royal University.

Election Platform



Will listen, consult then act before voting on critical issues. For far too long residents have had no voice on important developments in their community. This must change.

‐ Will oppose increasing density in your neighborhoods unless there is community support.

‐ Will work to implement Term Limits. Serving as a Councillor should be about public service, not lifetime career employment.

‐ Will oppose a blanket approval of illegal secondary suites. Because….

It’s unfair to those that have legally built a secondary suite.

Illegal suites are not built to code.

I will not support the approval of possible fire / death traps.

‐ Save vital green spaces for recreation.


To reduce Calgarians tax burden and help families in these challenging times by proposing;

‐ No property tax increases on city portion for 2 years to help homeowners.

‐ A 2 year moratorium on any business tax or non residential property tax increases to help businesses spur economic activity and create jobs.

‐ Cutting back City Council wage hikes to zero to show leadership.

‐ Tax dollars = Your dollars! Immediately stop the culture of wasteful spending & entitlements.