Ward 9: Cheryl Link

Cheryl Link is a born and bred Albertan ‐ ‘Prairie girl’. Attending the University of Calgary Cheryl completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree followed by a Master’s degree in Architecture. She also studied at the Pacific Asian Business Institute after completing her Business degree. Link worked in the oil and gas industry and at IBM prior to returning to University to pursue architecture.

Cheryl has since been an entrepreneur of 27 years running her design firm ‘Mountain Modern Timber Frames’ specializing in heavy timber design and construction. Cheryl also took on the role of project management on several projects for international clients. The entrepreneurial mindset requires discipline, a hard work ethic and a multi‐faceted skill set for success.

For the past 2 years she has been consulting at DIRTT Environmental Solutions — recently honoured to design the first custom pre‐fab DIRTT timber house for Mogens Smed. This was a story about team work and collaboration with innovation and ‘thinking outside the box mindset’ for a successful outcome.

In her free time she’s an avid outdoors and sports enthusiast and has volunteered teaching skiing to the disabled through CADS.

Cheryl will bring this broad skill set earned from being in the ‘trenches’ in business, architecture and building for nearly 3 decades to the complex challenges at City hall; with effective pragmatic decision making, a respectful listening ear and a collaborative spirit.

Election Platform

An extensive detailed platform is outlined on my website at link4ward9.com

It isn’t possible in this format so I’ll put a brief together for you here;

My platform is designed to bring RESPECT and ACCOUNTABILITY back to citizens and businesses ‐ the job creators and builders of our great city.


*PRO‐BUSINESS ‐ streamline processes for efficiency.


*PRO‐COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ‐ respectful and genuine! Let the citizens of Ward 9 decide what is best for their communities not decisions from top‐down.

*END POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS to ensure independence and impartiality.

*TERM LIMITS of councilors on planning boards to eliminate potential conflict of interest;

Including exploring term limits for council.

*END CLOSED DOOR ‘IN CAMERA’ MEETINGS to ensure transparency to citizens.

*SAVE and enhance our green‐spaces and GREAT neighbourhoods!

Let’s get ideology out of civic politics and make solution based pragmatic decisions with respect to citizens and tax dollars!


I am taking on this challenge to help create positive change for Ward 9 and the city I love.

Let’s also ensure there is justice for Midfield residents! “We are better as a city than this!” Thank you.